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Yacht Interiors
Designed by Van Baak & Gustas

Yacht • Residential • Custom Interiors

Our Services

Coordination of interior and exterior fabrics and fabrication, headliners, wall coverings, flooring,
furniture, window treatments, counter tops, hardware, marble, mattresses, purchasing and supplying of accessories and décor packages.

We can also keep you covered with custom exterior cushions & covers, enclosures, and exterior tops.

  • Interior Yacht, Residential Design.
  • Space Planning.
  • Interior Renderings
  • Furniture Design, Construction Drawings, and Elevations.
  • Custom Lighting Schemes & A/C Overlay Designs.
  • Custom Design Built-ins.
  • Interior and Exterior Floor Plans and Elevation Drawings.
  • Custom Soffit Designs & Headliner Overlays.