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Carol Gustas was the interior designer for the remodel of my 120’ Motor Yacht, and being on the opposite end of the continent I relied heavily on her, and she did not disappoint.

After one walk-through of my yacht with Carol, she got to work. Samples arrived at my home on a regular basis, emails and phone calls narrowed down each decision and she transformed my ideas into reality. With upgrades and repairs being performed on the operational elements of the yacht during the remodeling process, Carol tactfully juggled every situation and kept the interior design project moving quickly towards completion.

She has a wonderful eye for detail, color, fabrics, and finishes and understood and worked within the budget I set for this job. She is energetic, enthusiastic, and very pleasant to work with. I was confident throughout the entire remodeling process and the results were amazing. Carol’s extensive product knowledge and professional demeanor added to the overall experience. She is everything you look for in a designer. She is reliable, professional and creative. I highly recommend Carol Gustas.

Paul Rusnak